The Farm

Experience the harmony of nature and animal husbandry at Kabakedi. Our diverse array of livestock awaits your discovery.
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We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy


Trot alongside our gentle donkeys as you learn about the timeless tradition of donkey husbandry. Discover the invaluable role these steadfast companions play in rural life, from plowing fields to transporting goods. With their friendly demeanor and unwavering strength, donkeys are the unsung heroes of Kabakedi, embodying the spirit of resilience and partnership.

What we do

Feel the rhythm of rural life and embark on an adventure that celebrates the harmony between nature and agriculture. At Kabakedi Agro Tourism, every experience is a story waiting to be told. Book your journey today and let the wonders of Kabakedi ignite your passion for the countryside.


Enter the buzzing world of beekeeping and marvel at the intricate dance of pollination. From hive to honey jar, uncover the sweet rewards of nurturing these essential pollinators.

Goats Milk

Meet our charming goats and learn why they’re the stars of our pastoral landscape. From their curious personalities to the nutritional benefits of goat milk, goats are an integral part of life at Kabakedi.


Cock-a-doodle-doo! Wake up to the sights and sounds of our vibrant henhouse. Discover the diverse breeds of hens that call Kabakedi home and learn about the role they play in sustainable egg production